Tungsten Electric Heaters at Clinica Las Condes


 Located in the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile, Clinica Las Condes stands as the leading public hospital, boasting 6 specialized Medical Centers that offer top-notch facilities and services. To enhance the experience of patients and visitors, the hospital sought to create a comfortable outdoor space, available year-round. To accomplish this, they reached out to Bromic’s Heating Experts for a thoughtful and efficient heat layout across their outdoor areas. 

After meticulous evaluation of the spaces’ plans and images, and with the installation of a new louvered pergola in the works, Daniel Bruntsch, Global Business Development Manager at Bromic recommended the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric outdoor heaters as the most efficient solution. 

“We were contacted by the architect responsible for this project during the Covid pandemic,” says Bruntsch. He continues, “the request was for a powerful electric heating solution so the new outdoor spaces could be used all year-round by hospital patients, staff, and visitors alike. This location experiences icy winds blowing in from the Andes mountains, so the outdoor heaters needed to perform effectively. Together we selected Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric 6000W heaters and planned them carefully into the new Bioclimatic Pergolas that were going to be professionally installed. The Tungsten Electric heaters were positioned accurately to direct the radiant heat output over outdoor furniture settings where patients and visitors are seated, thus providing a sustainable solution whereby no energy is wasted during the time the heaters are used in the space. This was a very important part of the design brief as the modern hospital is built around strong sustainability guidelines where renewable electricity is used.” 

Consequently, the installation of 32 Tungsten Electric heaters adorned the 3 restaurant terraces within the hospital grounds, providing patients and visitors with ultimate comfort in a refreshing outdoor ambiance, allowing them to escape the traditional hospital environment. 

“The need to create a contained environment with this Bioclimatic Pergola heated by Bromic heaters was evident in order to create a cozy atmosphere,” remarks Eugenio Dominguez, Gerente General at Comercial Dominguez. He further adds, “On the terraces of these places, there used to be sunshades, so it was a place where it was very hot in the summer, and in the winter, it was completely uninhabitable due to the cold. We don’t have to worry about that anymore with these additions.” 

Bruntsch adds, “The heaters impressed the designers, hospital executives and restaurant operators by their performance, reliability, and beautiful design blending in impeccably with the new Bioclimatic Pergolas.”

Eugenio concludes, “Undoubtedly, it was a success to use Bromic Heating in this project. The versatility it brings to outdoor terrace spaces makes them not just seasonal architectural elements but useful throughout the year.”