London Restauranteur Incorporates Full Bromic Line Across Locations


One brisk evening while at one of the top private member’s club’s in London, a local Restauranteur experienced the radiant heat of Bromic’s Platinum Electric heater and quickly noticed the exquisite design. He immediately submitted a request to learn more about the heaters and scheduled an appointment for Bromic’s heating experts to visit each site and create customized heating solutions at 3 locations: Paris Grill, Paris Bar, and Kadie’s Club.  

Paris Grill 

Located in a business hub of London, nearby key buildings on Liverpool Street such as the Gerkin and the Lloyd’s Building, dining room and cocktail bar Paris Grill installed two Eclipse Electric pendant heaters ceiling mounted using the 24-inch straight pole at the entrance. Used as a common smoking area, it was important to incorporate a solution that would keep guests warm and comfortable as well as look aesthetically pleasing for those passing by. “The light feature in the Eclipse added to the sultry ambiance of Paris Grill so we decided it would be the perfect heating solution for this space.” says George Ketley of Heatport, one of Bromic’s certified dealers. Controlled by the Eclipse Dimmer controller, the doorman can conveniently adjust the heat and light for those who are enjoying the space. 

Paris Bar 

Located in the heart of the City of Farringdon, Paris Bar is a relaxed and stylish bar and grill offering premium brands, world wines and designer cocktails. Surrounded by office spaces, the covered outdoor area quickly becomes filled with customers who are leaving work and want to spend a little time outdoors after being in the office all day for a bite and a drink or two before heading on their way. Because of the high request for outdoor dining, a heating solution became a necessity, especially for the colder months. With the industrial look of the brick building Paris Bar resides within, the Tungsten Electric outdoor heater was clear to be the perfect solution. The dual elements of the 6kW heater projected enough heat to keep those dining in the outdoor space warm during their meals. The On/Off controller was installed making on/off capabilities easy for those controlling the heaters. 

In addition, a Platinum Electric heater was installed inside the front entrance of Paris Bar to replace a HVAC unit that acted as a heat curtain and when turned on, created a loud, disturbing sound that disrupted business. The sleek Platinum Electric heater was mounted to the ceiling just inside the front entrance, removing the eye-sore of the clunky HVAC unit, and blending seamlessly within the space while providing the necessary heat curtain as once desired. 

Kadie’s Club 

Located in Piccadilly, about a 2 to 3-minute walk from the Ritz Carlton and HIDE restaurant and bar, is Kadie’s Club, a premier boutique nightclub known for being a fun and safe environment for all to dance the night away in. Bromic’s Tungsten Electric outdoor heater was installed at the entrance of the club for the doorman monitoring those entering the exclusive club, during the chilly evening hours.  

To keep the integrity of his businesses consistent, Bromic was chosen as the outdoor heating solution for all his businesses, due to the power and durability of the heaters, as well as the design options of each collection. In fact, he trusts Bromic Heating products so much, he has even installed a Platinum Electric heater inside his own personal home gym! 

“Since the installation of these heaters at each of these locations, neighboring businesses have noticed and have started ordering them.” says Ketley. “They want to have Bromic because everyone else does, and they know they can trust their durability.” The outdoor heaters serve as a complement to each establishment and entice people passing by to come inside.