Bromic Offers Complete Product Line Solutions for Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Series

The new Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric 4500W Heater

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric heater series has further cemented its distinctive place in the outdoor heating market as the industry leading radiant heater. Its sleek, unique design and robust product line – unmatched by any other outdoor heating market offering – allows for complete versatility in specifying functional outdoor spaces, and its low form factor is designed to look aesthetically pleasing while blending in with other structural elements. Now, with the addition of a 4500-Watt electric heater and Low Clearance Recess Kit, the Bromic Platinum Electric series is the complete outdoor heating solution for any design focused space.

Award Winning Design

With its slim, seamless, and modern design, the Bromic Platinum Electric series virtually disappears into its surroundings, creating the industry leading outdoor heating solution for any outdoor space. Featuring Bromic’s patented Smart-Heat™ Technology within the environmentally sealed heater body, and a premium, white or black tinted ceramic glass surface, these low form factor heaters spread radiant heat evenly across a large area while minimizing wind interference and unwanted light emissions.

More Versatility

Available in both black and white finishes, three power options (2300-Watt, 3400-Watt and now 4500-Watt), and voltage offerings of 208V and 220-240V, the Bromic Platinum Electric series meets an array of design needs. Additionally, the Bromic Platinum Electric series offers a marine grade option built to withstand coastal and marine applications, further ensuring an outdoor heating solution option is available for every type of environment.

Complete with versatile mounting options, the Bromic Platinum Electric series can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted (Using the included 8” included pole, 2’ pole, or 4’ pole), as well as flush-mounted using either the Standard Recess Kit, or the new Low Clearance Recess Kit. Compatible with the 2300-Watt and 3400-Watt heaters, our new Low Clearance Recess Kit fits into standard ceiling joists, making it even easier to incorporate within remodels as well as new designs. The built-in frame allows for unlimited operation with reduced cavity installation clearances as low as 7″ without compromising heater operation. Ease of installation allows for complete versatility in specifying functional outdoor spaces.

The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Heater Flush Mounted with the new Low Clearance Recess Kit

More Power

With its larger format, the newly released Bromic Platinum Electric 4500-Watt heater is taller and more powerful, resulting in an increased heat output spreading approximately 143ft2. This added wattage complements the collection by creating an additional outdoor heating solution option for larger spaces and colder climates.

Durability You Can Count On

The Bromic Platinum Electric heater series is composed of high-quality components for improved durability ranging from the Smart-Heat technology on the inside, and the environmentally sealed 304 grade stainless steel body. Specifically engineered to provide superior resistance to corrosive elements, the Marine Grade Platinum Electric heater is composed of AISI316 stainless steel, making it suitable for coastal and marine applications. As the only Lloyd’s Register certified marine outdoor heating solution, Bromic’s Platinum Electric Marine heater is now backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Comfort You Can Control

Bromic offers a range of smart control options, including the Wireless Dimmer Controller, as well as a smart home automation integration plug-in, the Smart-Heat Link, that can precisely regulate the desired heat output, or the Wireless Master Remote allowing for zoned heat coverage and complete control for the ultimate in ease of use and user comfort.

With a strong focus on performance, reliability and beauty, Bromic’s Platinum Electric heaters can be found in the world’s most high-profile hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Now, with the addition of the 4500-Watt and Low Clearance Recess Kit, this collection offers the complete outdoor heating solution. Contact our outdoor design team today for a tailored design layout for your outdoor heating needs.