How Should I Mount My Outdoor Gas Patio Heater?

Outdoor mounted gas patio heaters can quickly add comfort to any outdoor space. From suspending your heater via a pole to wall-mounting it on a bracket, there are several options when it comes to installing your outdoor gas patio heater.  

Which option is right for your space ultimately depends on whether the space has ceilings or walls for the heaters to adhere to. Let’s take a closer look at both installation methods to ensure you select the right one for your space. 

Tungsten Gas 500 Series Ceiling Mounted

Should I Ceiling Mount my Heater? 

One of the easiest ways to mount your outdoor gas patio heater is suspending it from the ceiling.  

Available for both our Platinum Gas and Tungsten Gas heaters, this installation method is great for ceilings of any height as the heater can either be mounted on a short bracket or suspended to a lower level via an extended ceiling pole.  

At Bromic, we offer gas mounting poles ranging from 9.69” to 41.18” in length, so you can be sure your mountable gas patio heater can be installed at the minimum clearance height of eight feet no matter how high the ceiling.  

With a wide variety of ceiling mounting poles available, you’ll be able to directly heat any object underneath while ensuring the heater is safely out of the way to avoid any accidental contact with heater’s surface.

Platinum Gas 500 Series Wall Mounted

Is Wall-Mounting a Better Option for Me? 

Wall-mounting your outdoor gas patio heater is a great solution when your patio doesn’t have a ceiling or if your ceiling might not be suited for a suspended installation, because of load restrictions (between 33lb or up to 44lb), if your ceiling is angled, or if there are other objects in the way.  

Both the Platinum and Tungsten outdoor gas patio heaters can be fixed to a wall or structure via their included standard wall mounting brackets. For wall installations, the heaters must have a clearance of at least 8’ above the floor. While this might not be an issue for patios without a ceiling or structure above, it can be an issue for more enclosed spaces. We therefore highly recommend the addition of a heat deflector as this reduces the clearance space above the heater to only 14”.  

Outdoor gas patio heaters also have a clearance of at least 3′ from any combustible objects surrounding them such as fabrics, powder coated paints, and plastics.  

Still not sure which option is right for you? Contact our Outdoor Heating Experts for a complimentary heating plan that is tailored to your outdoor space.